Your Hat, Mr. Trump?

What a wild 60 days it has been for the Tangerine Tyrant’s regime!

  • Muslim Ban 1.0: Stayed, then withdrawn
  • Muslim Ban 1.1:  Stayed by the courts
  • TrumpCare: Measure Withdrawn for lack of votes
  • Gorsuch Supreme Court Nomination: Increasingly looking like a defeat.
  • Obama’s wiretapping me: proven false
  • Personal and staff ties to Russia during the campaign with evidence of collusion, on-going investigation with likelihood of special prosecutor looming.

In the “old days,” when every gentleman wore a hat, he would surrender his hat upon entering a building. It was impolite to wear it indoors. Upon leaving, the host would hand him his hat. Today, it means to be sent packing, to be shown the door, or to be defeated. Let’s keep the hits coming!

Yes, Mr. Trump, let me hand you your hat . . .

In case you were wondering . . .