Who Am I?

Sorry, this is not an exercise in existentialism–or is it? I’ll let you decide. I am a bit of a ponderer, musing over all sorts of stuff. In fact, I’m a bit of an over-thinker living under the Western sign of Gemini, and the Eastern sign of the Snake, both of which are thinkers and planners. It is said they make good lawyers, so I guess I was serendipitous in my choice of life work.

Grew up in Oklahoma on a farm and ranch where, to my Dad’s chagrin (who was a cattle rancher primarily) I raised pigs. Graduated college debt-free (thanks to the pigs), spent a couple of years as City Attorney in one of Oklahoma’s university towns, before moving to Dallas, Texas where I lived for a year before moving back to Oklahoma to be an assistant attorney general for the State of Oklahoma (back when it was still a blue state–yeah, THAT long ago). Then, in 1983, moved to San Francisco, where I’ve been ever since.

I expect to be sharing views on all kinds of things: politics, religion, sexual health, and lifestyle. Most recently, my grumblings have been of a political nature, so I’m sure you’ll see some of that here. But as my mind races around the universe you never know what might crop up.

The rest of “who I am” I will let you discover as you get to know me through my writing.

PEACE, Larry

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