Today, Twittler Lashes Out at San Juan Mayor for Demanding More Help.

Xavier J. Araujo/GDA, via Associated Press

A day after Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, criticized the United States government’s inadequate response to hurricane disaster relief in Puerto Rico, the president turned the matter into a personal one, lashing out via Twitter as probably everyone expected him to do.

It is unsettling that these tweets have been re-tweeted more than 11,000 times and have almost 50,000 likes.

Just more poor, brown people unable to help him in the next election and therefore not worthy of federal aid. No one should be surprised that the Twittler has chosen to politicize his administration’s disastrous failure to provide relief and has turned criticisms of those failed efforts into personal insults.

On Tuesday, the president will visit Puerto Rico with his wife. One can only hope that his eyes will be opened and that he will become more fully aware of the devastation this island has suffered and of the true attempts of the people who live there to salvage their lives, their livelihoods and there well-being. Hopefully he will come to understand that it is not for a lack of will, determination, or self-reliance that the people of Puerto Rico are in such dire of assistance, rather it is due to a devastating natural disaster which has laid waste to the island.

In comments this week, the Tangerine Tyrant has laid blame for Puerto Rico’s problems at its own feet insinuating that the islands debt structure and deteriorating infrastructure is at fault somehow for its current problems.

But, as in everything else related to race, people of color, non-supporters of his party or his administration, he turns a deaf ear and a blind eye to the needs of those he seems to deem as “outsiders.”

Midterm elections are upon us in 12 months. If you find this of abhorrent go to the polls and take back your country.

In case you were wondering . . .