On November 12, 2019, Fox News commentator, Judge Andrew Napolitano, urged Republicans to impeach Trump. I know a lot of folks who read these posts only get their news from Fox News, and that most of them have swallowed hook, line, and sinker, the president’s rant that all other news outlets are “fake news.” So, in case you missed it, here it is.

The question is, “Will you watch it?”

Eh, probably not. Because the Judge doesn’t parrot the narrow, brain-washed spew of the president. Why crack open the door of reason? Why start to cast shadows of gray into your black-and-white world, where everything is either this-or-that? Why admit that something might, could possibly be different from, well anything? Maybe if you hear it from one of your own? BUT WAIT! He can’t be one of “your own” if he speaks heresy, can he?

I actually don’t think anything can be done to open the eyes of the “truly devoted,” but I hope that people like Judge Napolitano will continue trying.

In case you were wondering . . .