BLOCKED: Rep. Pascrell’s* Attempt to Obtain Trump’s Tax Records Foiled

As further evidence that the republican party has no interest in transparency or ethics, The Denver Post reports that on a vote along party lines, 23 Republicans to 15 Democrats, the House Ways & Means Committed blocked Rep. Pascrell’s attempt to have the committee obtain 10 years of Trump’s tax returns in order to determine whether there are and the extent of any business ties the president has with Russia.

Voting against the proposal, Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, said the panel should only use its power to ensure that tax laws are being administered properly — not to investigate the president.

Trump’s tax returns would reveal a trove of information about his business dealings and his sources of income. They wouldn’t show his overall net worth. But they would show his annual income and where it came from.

Rep. Cantrell promises to revisit the issue.

*Representative Pascrell was previously erroneously referred to as a Senator from New Jersey in a previous post.