His Right-Wing Agenda Clearly on Display, Kavanaugh Lacks the Judicial Temperament to Sit on the High Court.

Clearly lacking in judicial temperament, Kavanaugh unleashes an emotional, boo-hoo, poor me, blame the leftists and Democrats (specifically naming the Clintons!) for this shame on my family tirade in his opening statement that he admittedly wrote himself, without help or input from anyone (giving us a clear insight to the true measure of the man, and how, like Trump, thin-skinned he is), then went on to stumble through answers to simple questions from the Republican-hired interrogator until Lindsay Graham stepped in with a tirade of his own.

Compare that with the opening statement of his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Smiling through the accolades of himself and the mud-slinging at Democrats, Kavanaugh went on to interrupt, badger, and question his Democratic questioners, being totally combative and disrespectful.

HOW IN THE HELL can we expect this man to sit as a neutral arbiter of matters on the Supreme Court!

Call your senators. Demand they vote “NO” on his confirmation.